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Top Tips for Managing Your Expectations During a Divorce in New Jersey

Filing for Divorce in New Jersey When couples go through a divorce, they tend to want to the process to be over and done with as fast as possible. And, when it comes to dividing the marital assets and settling ancillary issues to divorces like setting child custody schedules and determining alimony and child support…[..]

New Jersey Divorce: Dividing Property

Dividing Property in a New Jersey Divorce When couples get divorced, the thing that gives them the most grief is division of the marital assets. This may be because there are just so many assets to divide among them. Or, it may be because both spouses want to keep a specific asset in the divorce…[..]

Mediation And Marriage: Finding Common Ground In Divorces

By reputation, divorces can often be bitter and contentious. But this is not always the case. While they are stressful and painful times for a family, not all divorces need to be hostile and antagonistic. The proof is the existence and use of mediation, which allows spouses to meet face-to-face and do their best to…[..]

Collaborative Divorce: Do I Need A Lawyer?

What is Collaborative Divorce? The collaborative divorce is becoming more prevalent in states around the country, including New Jersey. This type of divorce allows for each spouse to negotiate and come to a decision on the various issues in ending a marriage through a non-trial process, resulting in less money and time spent on litigation.…[..]

Can I Finalize My Divorce Even if Child Custody Hasn’t Been Decided?

Child Custody and Divorce The individual requirements of divorce proceedings vary, depending on the details of the case. If you are dealing with both a divorce and a child custody case, it can not only complicate the process but also slow down the timeline. The answer to this question is really, it depends. There are…[..]

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