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The Pros And Cons Of An Uncontested Divorce

The decision to end a marriage is perhaps one of the toughest decisions couples have to make during the course of their respective lifetimes. However, under certain circumstances, the decision to end a marriage may be made considerably easier if the couple decides to undergo the process of securing an uncontested divorce as opposed to…[..]

Six Things To Do After Receiving Divorce Papers

When someone is served with divorce papers, he or she may feel overwhelmed for a variety of different reasons. Receiving divorce papers for the first time may make the prospect of divorce feel real to you for the first time, it may force you to think about all of the tasks you must now complete…[..]

Times, They Are a-Changin’

Laws change to reflect societal values and norms. While bullying was arguably “legal” and while smoking pot was definitely “illegal” when I went to high school, our education laws and criminal laws have evolved since 1977 since this 60-year old man last attended high school. Now, we have specific statutes which protect New Jersey students…[..]

How The New Changes To The Tax Code Will Affect Your Divorce

In 2017, Congress passed and the President signed into law The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This Act created new tax code provisions, which have made more than a few changes to the way Americans file their annual income taxes. Some of these changes, went into effect in the 2018 tax year, like the revamped…[..]

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