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Howard Mendelson to speak at Professionalism Day on December 1

The Camden County Bar Association is hosting Professionalism Day, featuring a panel of judges and attorneys presenting scenarios related to ethic and professional behavior in the courtroom.


On Thursday, December 1, the Camden County Bar Association is hosting Professionalism Day at the Hall of Justice, Courtroom 63. The presentation will be from 2-4pm and focus on “Playing Nice in the Sandbox.” There will be a panel of judges and attorneys who will present various scenarios related to ethical and professional behavior in a courtroom. Mr. Mendelson is honored to once again be part of the panel.

Some of the scenarios that will be presented by the panel include criminal litigation, family law litigation, discovery, and depositions. The panel will be offering useful and practical demonstrations on how to handle issues that arise in the areas mentioned above in an ethical and professional manner.

Professionalism is a cornerstone of Davis & Mendelson

Professionalism is one of the cornerstone approaches for Davis & Mendelson, which is why Mr. Mendelson so graciously offers his time to participate in this panel. Our firm puts the needs of our clients above all else. Representing a client does not begin or end with the courtroom. Instead, it encompasses all facets of the law and the relationship. Our team’s goal is to maintain a high standard of excellence for all of our clients no matter the case.

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