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New Jersey Education Law

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing both school districts and students on a variety of education-related legal issues.

New Jersey Education Law Attorneys & Special Education Lawyers

Our firm handles a wide range of legal issues for our school district clients. Education Attorney Howard Mendelson has had several education law cases published; they remain leading cases in the areas of constitutional protections and special education. He is legal counsel for Voorhees Township Public Schools where his children attend.

Our lawyers represent school districts and parents in all education law matters, including:

Legal Representation for School Boards

Our firm provides advice and representation to Voorhees schools and others in the region in matters such as:

  • Contracts for vendors of supplies and services
  • Bidding, including drafting and reviewing requests for bid
  • Labor and employment, including contract negotiations and defense against employment claims by teachers and staff
  • Tenure
  • Student discipline
  • Transportation, including drafting contracts, defending against personal injury claims
  • Real estate purchase, sale and lease
  • School construction
  • Relationships with other school districts
  • Special-needs students and special education law
  • Open meeting requirements under the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act
  • Finance
  • Student records
  • Residency disputes
  • Endowments and scholarships

Legal Representation for Parents and Students

When we have no conflict of interest because of representing the school, we advocate for parents and students in many of these areas as well. We also act for and advise parents and students in Fourth Amendment search and seizure cases over locker searches, drug testing and other matters. We represent students in juvenile criminal proceedings. We have defended students’ right to free speech under the First Amendment. Our lawyers have handled sexual abuse and harassment cases on behalf of students.

Education Disputes Mediation

As a certified mediator, Attorney Mendelson believes that many disputes can be settled through mediation. He has successfully mediated conflicts between families and school districts and between school districts and employees.

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