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Meet our new Paralegal, Riccina Cabezas

Davis & Mendelson is happy to introduce Riccina Cabezas, our new Paralegal with a passion for empowering at-risk families in the judicial system.

headshot of Riccina Cabezas

Davis & Mendelson would like to formally and happily introduce our newest team member, Riccina C. Cabezas, who has recently accepted the position as our Paralegal to provide us with legal support staff at our growing law practice based in Voorhees, NJ. Her strength of networking with community based providers and creating collaboration between involved parties to improve direct services to at-risk families in the judicial system will be an integral part of having her on our team!  Ms. Cabezas has provided Paralegal services and Family Advocacy for more than 12 years. Her personal experience as an emancipated minor and with Family Court began at a young age in NY and drives her passion for seeing families strengthened to be empowered as independent, self-sufficient, active community members. Throughout Ms. Cabezas personal and professional career, she displays a deep passion for connecting families to resources, building informal community support, and instilling a sense of hope in families which has led to proven transformation and outcomes in Southern New Jersey.

Ms. Cabezas has designed, implemented and supervised the Family Advocate Supervised Visitation Program in coordination with Vicinage XV Probation Department of Family Court to provide Supervised Visitation services to families in Gloucester, Cumberland and Salem counties. She has also designed and implemented the Family Assistance for the Home Supervision Program in coordination with funding from JJC Innovations, which is also in coordination with Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative. Ms. Cabezas has served as a liaison on several state and county committees. She is proudly part of the Cumberland County 4-H Advisory Committee, has served as Chair for the Education Sub-Committee of County Inter-agency Advisory Council and Chair of the Interagency Advisory Council, and the Economic Development Council of Washington Twp. Ms. Cabezas is an advocate for program and policy change and has been invited to speak at the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) Summit in Washington to present on Family Mentoring and Community Building and has co-authored several op-ed articles on the Whole Family Approach and the importance of advocacy in affecting lives and community. Ms. Cabezas unique ability to encourage and challenge people is evident through the families she serves as a Paralegal, and we are thankful and excited to have her as part of our team!


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