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New Jersey Property Owner Rights

The owners of condominiums, townhouses or homes in planned real estate communities, however, may have limited rights.

At The Law Offices of Davis & Mendelson, we represent unit owners and community associations in matters related to what owners do or do not have the right to do to their property.

The Rights of Property Owners in Condominium Communities, Homeowners Association Communities and Planned Real Estate Communities

Moving into a condo or a planned community has many benefits. Property owners get the confidence that the value of their home will be protected by the community association. They get to know that their community will be safe and well-maintained.

In order to get these benefits, property owners need to accept the fact that their rights will be somewhat limited. They have to follow the rules outlined in master deed restrictions and declarations. They can’t simply do anything they want with their property.

Resolving Disputes Over Property Owner Rights in New Jersey

Most of the time, the rights of property owners in planned real estate communities and condominiums are very clear. Sometimes though, disputes can arise due to disagreements over what rights property owners have.

Our law firm can resolve these disputes. We can offer guidance to home owners associations and condominium associations. We can stand beside unit owners to make sure their rights are observed.

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