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Homeowner’s Association Architectural Restrictions in New Jersey

Disputes over architectural restrictions in planned real estate communities can arise in a number of ways including unauthorized construction projects, painting and property alterations.

There are many benefits to living in a planned community or a condo. Unit owners often don’t have to worry about landscaping and groundskeeping. They can be confident that the community association will keep the community nice and protect property values.

However, unit owners need to make concessions in order to get these benefits. They have to agree not to simply make changes to their property. They have to agree to get the authorization of the association before making any changes. They have to agree that some changes may be denied.

At The Law Offices of Davis & Mendelson, our attorneys represent unit owners and community associations in all issues related to architectural restrictions in planned communities.

Disputes Involving Architectural Restrictions

Disputes over architectural restrictions in planned real estate communities can arise in a number of ways. Perhaps a unit owner has begun an unauthorized construction project, such as the addition of a second garage. Perhaps a unit owner has repainted the house in an unapproved color, a very unattractive color.

Our Community & HOA law firm helps community associations, condominium associations, and home owners associations (HOA) enforce master deed covenants, declarations and other rules of planned real estate communities.

We also stand up for the rights of property owners. While we understand that architectural restrictions are present for a reason, we also understand that they should be clearly defined. If they are not, and a property owner is refused the opportunity to make acceptable changes to their property, we can take action.

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