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New Jersey Domestic Partnerships & Civil Unions

Marriage provides people with a specific set of rights and obligations. However, many of the same rights and obligations can be established through other legal methods for same-sex couples in domestic partnerships and civil unions. At The Law Offices of Davis & Mendelson, our experience provides us the ability to handle all legal matters involved in domestic partnerships and civil unions, from establishing one to dissolving one.

Entering into a Domestic Partnership

For many couples, a domestic partnership or civil union evolves over time. It begins with moving in together. Assets are acquired together. Children may come into the picture. All of this happens without a marriage. A cohabitation agreement can be created in order to protect the rights and the property of both parties involved in a domestic partnership or civil unions. We can help you determine if an agreement is right for you and customize one to your needs.

Ending a Domestic Partnership or Civil Unions

Like marriages, domestic partnerships and civil unions do not always last, despite the best of intentions. While there are divorce laws indicating how marriages are to be taken apart, the laws involving domestic partnerships and civil unions are less clear. The family attorneys at our law firm are able to assist with the dissolution of domestic partnerships and civil unions. We can address child custody, parenting time, adoption, child support, property division and all other issues involved.

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