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Collaborative Divorce Attorneys in Camden County and Throughout South Jersey

Collaborative Divorce Services Lawyers Serving Clients in Voorhees, Medford, Cherry Hill, Camden County and Beyond

At The Law Offices of Davis & Mendelson, our family law attorneys feel strongly that people are better off resolving their divorces without engaging in a bitter, time-consuming and expensive battle.

Whenever possible, particularly when children are involved, we encourage people to use the collaborative divorce process and/or mediation as a path to a more positive outcome.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a new option for people in Camden County and the surrounding parts of South Jersey. It is a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that is similar to divorce mediation, in that it focuses on having both sides work together to determine a resolution, rather than putting the decision in the hands of a judge.

In addition to both sides and their attorneys, a therapist and an accountant are also enlisted. The goal is to come up with a solid solution, not just a win.

Should Everyone Choose Collaborative Divorce?

As experienced divorce attorneys, we believe everyone should at least consider a collaborative divorce depending on their situation.  There are many benefits to considering collaborative divorce.

The many benefits of collaborative divorce may include:

  • Less time spent reaching a resolution
  • Less money spent reaching a resolution
  • Less stress
  • Preservation of an amicable relationship between both sides
  • An outcome that both sides agree on, rather than one a judge chooses that may not work for either side

In reality, we realize that the process may not work for everyone. For that reason, we offer traditional divorce services as well.  Contact one of our family law attorneys today to discuss which type of divorce is appropriate for you and your unique situation. You can either fill out our online form here or call our Voorhees office directly at 866-560-9512.



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