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New Jersey School Privacy Laws and Matters

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends children receive 49 doses of 14 different vaccines by age six. The shots include protection for a variety of childhood illnesses including: chickenpox, mumps, rubella, measles, polio diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Hep B and influenza vaccines are also part of the CDC’s recommended regimen for school children.

We believe that how you raise your children is your business. Further, as a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen, we know you have the right to send your children to public school without your school district forbidding it, based on your personal, private beliefs. It’s understandable that some people want to “Just Say No” to the vaccines.

In New Jersey, you can apply for a medical or religious exemption to allow your child to skip the shots. However, New Jersey doesn’t approve exemptions based on philosophical beliefs. If you are fighting your school district with regard to vaccination requirements, contact Davis & Mendelson right away. We know there is discrimination in schools and we know vaccination privacy laws, as well. We will protect your child’s right to a public school education.

Camden County Attorney Helps Families Obtain Public School Vaccination Exemptions based on Religious, Medical Reasons

Even though there is no national law governing school vaccinations requirements, each and every one of the 50 United States mandates children to be vaccinated before they are allowed to enroll in a public school. That being said, some may think “mandate” is a strong term, considering all of the states permit exemptions based on a variety of reasons.

There are many arguments, both pro and con, when it comes to the issues of vaccinations for public school children. If you feel strongly that you do not want you child vaccinated, and you are having trouble obtaining an exemption from your Camden County, NJ school district, we can help. Contact Howard Mendelson of Davis & Mendelson for experienced, sound legal representation about your vaccination/privacy case.

There are many people who believe early childhood vaccines eliminate a body’s natural ability to fight disease. They also point to the potential of harmful side effects of the vaccines. These families, the ones who believe they have a right to their private beliefs, are very vocal when it comes to wanting their children to be enrolled in public school without vaccinations.

Most states agree. All 50 states have a list of accepted medical exemptions and 48 states (all but West Virginia and Mississippi) permit families to refuse to vaccinate their children passed on religious beliefs. Nineteen states allow people to refuse to get their children vaccinated based on what they call “philosophical reasons.” New Jersey is not one of them.

If you believe strongly that you don’t want your kid vaccinated, you may have a battle on your hands with your Camden County, NJ school district. Choose a lawyer who specializes in education law. Mr. Mendelson will go to bat for your family.

Contact an Experienced Camden County Lawyer Today about Your Vaccination Beliefs

While many school districts will approve exemption requests, many are feeling the pressure from the families who don’t want their kids in school with unvaccinated children. Therefore, if your request for exemption is based on general beliefs and not substantial medical reason or reasonable religious circumstances, you may get significant pushback from your district.

If you are adamant about not wanting your child vaccinated, there are legal steps you must take to get an exemption. We will draft a sound statement stating your objection to vaccinations and will fight to get you the exemption you deserve base on your privacy rights. At Davis & Mendelson, we will help you make your voice heard.

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