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How a Family Law Attorney Can Help With Divorce

Deciding to get a divorce nearly always comes after a painful time of consideration, self-evaluation and worries about how to handle the future.


family law attorney voorhees njChildren and Divorce

Deciding to get a divorce nearly always comes after a painful time of consideration, self-evaluation and worries about how to handle the future. When children are involved, parents are deeply concerned about how ending the marriage will affect their kids’ emotional and financial futures. How will the children be educated and raised, and how will this responsibility be shared? Hiring experienced family law attorneys like the ones at the Davis & Mendelson, LLC can make all the difference in coming to a fair settlement that works for everyone involved. We have experience in family law issues such as divorce and child support and we are dedicated to making your divorce go as smoothly and equitably as possible.

Paying College Costs After Divorce in New Jersey

In the state of New Jersey, the family law courts see a college education as a necessity for a child. However, there are a number of factors that the courts will consider when determining how much parents will be required to pay, and each family situation is unique.

Whether or not the parents were planning to pay for the child’s college education when they were still living together is one thing the court will consider. The court will also take into consideration the financial ability of the parents to pay, and the cost of the desired education itself. It also takes into account the child’s ability to be accepted to the college and his or her aptitude and motivation for completing the desired education. Parents may be asked to provide documentation and records of their financial assets and ability to pay for college.

Is Child Emancipation Automatic?

Many people think that when a child turns eighteen, that means he or she is automatically legally released from their parents’ control and financial support. However, in reality, this is not automatic and will not occur unless specifically stated in the child support agreement.

Instead of simply being determined by age, the termination of financial support is determined by a New Jersey family court, and this determination varies from case to case. Often, the court will decide that the parents must still be financially responsible for at least some of the child’s college education.

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