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Howard Mendelson is Featured Speaker at Meadowlands Seminar

Mendelson presents on the important and constantly evolving topic of “Special Education in the Time of Covid-19.”


The New Jersey Association of Justice is again hosting the annual Meadowlands Seminarand Howard S. Mendelson, Esq. is honored to have been ask to present to the lawyers and judges  virtually attending this year’s Meadowlands Seminar on the important and constantly evolving topic of “Special Education in the Time of Covid-19. While everyone has obviously been impacted by the Pandemic of 2020, special education students and their parents have been and perhaps will continue to be the most affected segment of our student population. Finding a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment for each New Jersey special needs child is never an easy task; and that task has been made even more difficult by the unique challenges each of us has experienced during the pandemic of 2020. Hopefully, this year Meadowlands Seminar will help those in attendance more effectively focus on how we can collectively apply our laws; in the context of education law, family law, employment law and medical malpractice law to help us all get through this pandemic and, God willing,  onto next year’s vaccine-protected Meadowlands Seminar!

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