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Jose Reyes Continues Child Support Battle with Mother of Secret Daughter

Child Support Attorney Camden NJNew York Mets baseball player Jose Reyes has been sued for child support by the mother of his secret eight-year-old daughter. The mother, who has made claims that Reyes is a “terrible father” who abandoned their daughter, had the child shortly after her and Reyes ended their relationship.

At the latest child support hearing, the mother became emotional and reportedly disrupted the court with an outburst that caused her to raise her voice at Reyes’ attorneys. She was thrown out of the court for her behavior and prohibited from returning. Reyes was not present for the support hearing.

The Backstory on MLB Player Jose Reyes’ Child Support Dispute

Reyes and the child’s mother were together for two years, up until she learned that he had married his now-wife in 2008. The woman, a singer, found out that she was pregnant only two weeks after Reyes’ marriage ceremony to his current wife.

Reyes has reportedly offered money to support their daughter, including buying the mother and child a house in South Jersey to live in. He allegedly stopped paying the support, however, and ceased contact with his daughter and her mother when his current wife learned of the secret family in 2015 through social media.

According to media reports, Reyes fully admits to being the father of the girl. In fact, he was already ordered by a court to pay the mother $11,500 a month in temporary child support. It has been reported that the mother wants triple that amount.

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