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After Domestic Battery Arrest, Rivera Seeks to Share Custody of Son

New Jersey Child Custody AttorneysActress Naya Rivera and her husband, Ryan Dorsey, recently filed court documents seeking to share physical and legal custody of their two-year-old son, according to a recent article at Page Six.

The filing follows Rivera’s arrest in November 2017 connected to a dispute in which she allegedly hit Dorsey over the head with a cell phone during a walk with him and their son. It also follows Rivera’s second filing for divorce from Dorsey, after she filed in 2016 but then reversed her decision.

Rivera and Dorsey were married in 2014. According to the family’s representative, the couple is “working together peacefully” to find amicable resolutions.

After Rivera’s arrest, Dorsey asked the media to treat her and the family with “positivity and love,” noting that “this isn’t some reality show, this is our life.” He asked onlookers to offer the same respect and privacy they would ask for if the situation were happening to their own family.

Joint custody arrangements have become more common in recent decades, as courts attempt to create situations in which children will have the opportunity to build meaningful and supportive relationships with both of their parents after a divorce.

Often, divorcing parents must decide whether they will share physical custody, legal custody, or both. Physical custody includes issues such as where the child will live, while legal custody focuses on who makes major decisions – such as medical care, religious training, and education – for the child. Parents frequently have the opportunity to share either or both types of custody, so long as the arrangement is in the best interests of the child.

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