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Collaborative Divorce: Do I Need A Lawyer?

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What is Collaborative Divorce?

The collaborative divorce is becoming more prevalent in states around the country, including New Jersey. This type of divorce allows for each spouse to negotiate and come to a decision on the various issues in ending a marriage through a non-trial process, resulting in less money and time spent on litigation. But even though this process is simpler than going through a trial and the court system, divorce is still a complex legal process that can be confusing to someone who hasn’t had a lot of experience with it. This is why even during a collaborative divorce, hiring an attorney can be the best way forward.

Knowing The Process

Even though each spouse’s approach towards the divorce may be amicable, it still is a legal process that needs to be signed off by a judge to become final. A lawyer knows that process. Not only can they set you on the right path from the start, but they can help prioritize certain issues that require more attention, negotiation, time, and effort to properly resolve. This can help streamline the process of coming up with a workable family agreement that both parties can live with. A lawyer will also know how to draft the documents necessary to formalize these agreements in a manner that can be rubber-stamped by a judge when the time comes. This is just another way to cut down on time, cost, and emotional stress during what is a rough time for any family.

Lawyer As An Advocate

Even though a collaborative divorce usually starts off from a place of amiability and desire to resolve issues together, it is still a legal process with two sides. There may be some issues that both sides are in perfect agreement on, and there may be some where no consensus has yet been reached. In these situations a lawyer is an advocate for their client, working to get them the best result possible and making sure that their rights aren’t being violated. A lawyer on your side will always do their best to make sure you don’t get a raw deal, and the same is true in a collaborative divorce process. Whether the issue takes just a little bit of negotiation, or a lot of back and forth between the parties, a lawyer can help represent your point of view in the best light and work to get what you want. 

Don’t Tackle Divorce Alone!

Even though you and your spouse may be on the same page on a number of issues, at the end of the day, divorce is still a legal process that can be both complex and emotionally taxing for you and for your family. A collaborative divorce is one of the ways to move the process along more quickly and provide an opportunity for both parties to end the relationship with as little stress as possible. Having a lawyer on your side only helps those goals. Whether through negotiating terms with the other side or guiding the process along when terms are reached, having an experienced divorce attorney by your side is one of the ways you can make a trying time in your life a little less trying.  

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