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Howard and his staff are the most dedicated and caring individuals I have met in the legal profession. From the moment I first met with Howard, he eased all my anxieties regarding my divorce. I met with a few other attorneys before him and they all overwhelmed and overburdened me with information and paperwork. He was the only one who seemed to understand how stressful divorce can be and did his best to make things easier. He was with me every step of the way. I have never felt like "just another client." He and his staff are quick to respond to any questions and are always courteous and kind. As a client of Davis & Mendelson, you are in great hands.

- Tanaz

Family Law and Divorce Attorneys in Camden County

Cost-Effective, Results-Oriented Lawyers Protect Clients’ Rights in Camden County, NJ

Davis & Mendelson Provides Sound Legal Guidance in the Areas of Family Law, Education Law, Community Association Law & More

Few people, perhaps with the exception of attorneys, enjoy being involved in legal matters. However, when it comes to needing to fight for the rights and interests of your family or your community, it’s not unusual to bring the matter before a court of law. Oftentimes, people in these situations find themselves with plenty of questions and not enough answers. We can help.

When you need legal guidance and sound advice, we invite you to rely on the skilled and experienced attorneys at the Law Firm of Davis & Mendelson. We’ve been helping clients facing divorce, community association battles, disagreements with school districts and child study teams, questions over estate matters and real estate transactions for almost 20 years. We are major supporters of mediation as a means of settling legal arguments. While legal issues can be confusing; we can untangle the red tape for you. And, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.


Voorhees, NJ-based Attorneys Offer Legal Representation in the Following Matters:

  • Family Law: When you are considering divorce, or have a child custody question, you deserve a compassionate attorney who will be on your side, fighting for your family and your future. In addition to traditional and collaborative law divorce, we handle all aspects of family law including alimony, division of debts and assets, LGBT concerns, domestic violence and restraining orders and adoption.
  • Community Association Law: Your home is your castle and your community is your kingdom. At Davis & Mendelson, we know all too well how frustrating it can be dealing with overzealous community association leaders. We can help protect your rights as a homeowner.
  • Education Law: There is nothing more important to you than your children. When you are getting the runaround or hitting brick walls with your school district, especially when it comes to bullying, privacy issues or IEPs, put our skilled education lawyers to work for your family.
  • Commercial Law: You’ve worked your whole life to build a business you can be proud of and pass down to your children. Or, you are working diligently on starting that business. If something gets in the way of your plans, don’t go it alone. Our commercial lawyers have significant experience in this area of the law. Rely on our business to help yours.
  • Mediation Law: There are many ways to get to the finish line. At Davis & Mendelson, we believe that the calmest and most cost-productive way is usually the best way. We are major proponents of mediation in a variety of areas of our legal practice. Contact our office today to learn more about how mediation may be the best method for dealing with your legal matter.
  • Real Estate Law: When you are buying your first house or downsizing to your retirement home – or any property in between – you need a real estate lawyer with a knowledge of the Camden County, NJ community and the foresight to spot problems before they arise.
  • Municipal Law: You have no choice but to abide by local laws, even though they are often complex and frustrating to local residents. When you believe you are being treated unfairly by your local elected leaders, Davis & Mendelson will take on your battle and be by your side.
  • Employment Law: Discrimination anywhere, but especially in the workplace, is intolerable. We won’t stand for it. Our lawyers are passionate about aggressively taking on any employer who is discriminating against an employee for any reason. You aren’t alone in your battle. We can help. Contact us today for a consultation.

When You are Looking for a Lawyer with Integrity & Compassion, Contact the Legal Professionals at Davis & Mendelson for a Consultation about Your Case

In Cherry Hill, Moorestown, Medford and Mt. Laurel and throughout Camden County, there are many law firms to choose from when you have a legal matter to pursue. How do you know which firm and which attorneys, are right for you and your family?

At Davis & Mendelson, we know you would rather be doing anything else besides looking for a lawyer right now. We know that you are likely frustrated and feeling overwhelmed by the legal battles you are facing. We pride ourselves on helping to relieve your stress by taking on your burden. We will fight your fight aggressively because we know that in matters of family law, education law and business law, a legal outcome can have a significant impact on your family’s happiness and your company’s success.

Contact us today for a consultation. We will listen and get a full understanding of your situation. We will answer all your questions. And, with an eye on providing cost-effective, sound legal solutions, we will advise you about our plan to fight for your rights and protect your interests.

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