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Legal Questions & Answers: Parenting Time & Child Visitation During the Holidays

In the “Legal Questions” section of South Jersey Magazine (November 2015 – Volume 12, Issue 8), Camden County family law attorney Howard Mendelson offers advice for how divorcing spouses in NJ should handle parenting time and child visitation during the holidays.

South Jersey Divorce Lawyer

Question: With the holidays fast approaching, how do our courts in New Jersey address divorcing parents’ celebration of holidays and birthdays with their children after they’re divorced?

Answer: Ideally, divorcing spouses reach agreements regarding the sharing/alternating of holidays and birthdays. If the parties are unable to do so, our courts provide divorcing parents a court-approved holiday parenting time schedule. This court-approved holiday parenting time schedule will be adopted by the court unless either party demonstrates “good cause” for deviating therefrom; prior practices, religious holidays, etc.

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