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Family Law Questions & Answers for SJ Magazine, April 2009

How is child support calculated in the state of New Jersey?

The New Jersey Child Support Guidelines require the Court to consider each parent’s available income, parenting time with the children, health insurance costs for the children, and day care expenses. When either of the parents is self-employed, the determination of income requires looking beyond income tax returns. The Court will not permit either parent to be voluntarily underemployed or unemployed. The Court may also add additional expenses where special circumstances so warrant (i.e., a special needs child, private school, etc.).

Is there a “healthy way” to divorce?

Absolutely, a “healthy divorce” recognizes that divorce is a legal, economic, emotional and spiritual process. The parties focus upon the emotional/spiritual dimensions of the changes resulting from their divorce. Real and understandable feelings of hurt and anger are replaced with the commitment to share the pain, focus on the kids and help one another move forward. Counseling and mediation permit the two child-centered parents to transform, rather than destroy, their family.

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