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As Seen In South Jersey Magazine, November 2012

Name: Howard S. Mendelson, Esq.
Firm: Davis & Mendelson, LLC
Years in Practice: 26 years

What’s your proudest career accomplishment thus far?

The establishment of Davis & Mendelson, LLC.; a law firm where compassion and personal integrity are our primary professional objectives.

The one TV show you won’t miss is Sportscenter; the best half-hour of television in any given twenty-four hour period.

What’s the biggest challenge you face in your field of law?

Cost-effectively solving people’s problems and resolving disputes without causing any of the participants undue emotional pain and/or personal animosity for the other parties involved, especially when there are children involved.

What’s something you know now that you wished you learned in law school?

That it’s more important to be kind than right; if you truly want to help people, you need to understand their hearts as well as their heads; problem-solving peacemaking is generally better for your clients than “prevailing” in court.

What’s your favorite ways to unwind from the stresses of the job?

Meditation, exercise and family time; my wife and I have been blessed with four awesome children; ages 24 to 10. While we sometimes forget, the soccer games, baseball games, dance recitals, sweet sixteens, graduations, etc. are probably the best stress reducers we have. And that 10 year old still keeps her old father busy with lots of “fun stuff”.

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