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Why Divorce Rates Are Falling In The United States

divorce lawyer haddonfield njIn a recent paper authored by sociologist Philip Cohen from the University of Maryland, it was proven that, between 2008 and 2016, divorce rates have fallen in the United States by approximately 18 percent. This finding is truly fascinating as predictions prior to 2008 hypothesized that the divorce rates would continue to rise in the upcoming years. So, why is this the case? This new report points to changing demographics and the marriage habits of millennials.

Millennials and Divorce

In Cohen’s paper, he states that he analyzed rates of divorce among different demographics over the past 10 years. During that 10-year period, the data revealed that millennials are getting divorced at much lower rates than any other generation of people in the United States. Apparently, since more millennials are waiting to get married until after they have graduated college and have established their professional careers, divorce rates have declined. While this paper shows that there is a correlation between declining divorce rates and marriage later in life, others hypothesize that the reason for this correlation is that people who marry after they have already established professional and financial success have less stress in their marriages when it comes to joint financial planning. Still, others hypothesize that the correlation exists because people are marrying at an age where they are more mature, and, thus, are making more rational choices when it comes to choosing a compatible spouse.

Aging Population

Another factor that has caused the rate of divorce to decline in the United States recently is the fact that the American population is aging. According to certain theorists, the older you are, the less likely you are to get divorced. However, this theory seems to only be a marginal factor in lowering recent divorce rates. When Cohen analyzed U.S. Census Bureau survey data and used control factors such as age, the divorce rate between 2008 and 2016 still dropped by 8 percent. For this reason, Cohen attributes the habits of millennials as the primary reason for the divorce rate decline in the United States.

Moreover, despite the lower divorce rates, other studies reveal that people of the baby boomer generation still seem to divorce at unusually high rates. For example, Bowling Green’s National Center for Family and Marriage Research reported that, between 1990 and 2015, the rate of divorce has doubled for Americans aged between 55 and 64, and even tripled for Americans aged 65 and older. The results of this study corroborate Cohen’s recent findings that millennials are the reason for the recent decrease in divorce rates.

The main takeaway from Cohen’s recent findings is that, while there is only a correlation between the trend of most millennials to marry at a later age and after they have already received a college education and declining divorce rates, it appears that if you are college educated and wait until you are established financially and professionally, you will be less likely to get divorced.

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