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Why are New Jersey Special Needs Students Entitled to Extended School Years and/or Compensatory Education During the Summer?

special education lawyer voorhees njSpecial Education During New Jersey’s Summer

While the chorus from the classic rock anthem triumphantly proclaims that “school’s out for summer,” this is not the case for those New Jersey special education students who are entitled to extended school years, compensatory education, and/or with residential placements. This is accordingly the time of year when child study teams, learning consultants, behavioral consultants, psychologists, social workers, teachers and parents meet to consensually develop and/or modify Individualized Education Programs (IEP’s) detailing the program and placement for special needs students, the new goals and objectives for the special needs student, agreed benchmarks reflecting same, behavioral interventions, related services, parental concerns, and whether or not the concerned student will need to receive educational, behavioral and/or residential services during the Summer months. Special needs students are entitled to receive compensatory education and/or the benefits of an extended school year in certain circumstances; and these services are often provided while “school’s out” for students within the general education population.

Why is there an Extended School Year in New Jersey for Special Needs Students?

Extended school year is provided to special needs student to avoid regression over the summer months. Compensatory education is provided to special needs students to address issues that, for whatever reason, were not properly addressed by the school district as and when would otherwise be required. Specifically, special needs students may be entitled to compensatory education services whenever school districts fail to provide special education services as required by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) developed by the student’s Child Study Team. Students must be provided with a free and appropriate education, in the least restrictive environment, and as detailed within the Individualized Education Program (IEP) developed for that specific student. If same has not occurred, this is the time of year for concerned parents to consult with an experienced special education attorney to help them secure what the law requires of New Jersey school districts for the benefit of their special needs child.

them secure what the law requires of New Jersey school districts to benefit their special needs child.

Summertime is accordingly not always the time of year when “the living is easy” and “school’s out forever,”; for special needs students and their concerned parents, Summertime can be the best time of year for continued schooling, special education services, behavioral services, socialization, related services, transportation services and whatever else may be required to ensure a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment as required by the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act.

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Why are New Jersey special needs students entitled to extended school years and/or compensatory education during the Summer?

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