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“Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” in Washington DC, in Trenton, and whenever New Jersey Community Associations Impermissibly Seek to Exceed their Authority to Govern the Property Rights of the Association Members They’ve Been Entrusted to Represent

Community Associations in New Jersey are permitted by statute and, ideally, result in well-run communities where fellow property owners share the costs of common areas, municipal services, insurance, taxes, etc. Sometimes, these shared costs include amenities such as swimming pools, retention basins, nature trails, capital improvements, etc. In the best-case scenarios, these Community Associations also…[..]

Your Homeowners Association is there to protect your property rights as a member of the Association, not the Association’s Board of Trustees and/or management company

In New Jersey, Homeowners Associations are governed by elected Boards of Trustees who have fiduciary obligations to the property owners within the planned real estate development managed by the Association. These Boards of Trustees often hire management companies to help them manage the day-to-day affairs of the Association; presumably for the benefit of the property…[..]

Commercial Lease Agreement Disputes

The best way to avoid a dispute over a commercial lease agreement is to have an attorney draft the contract and work with you throughout the real estate transaction process. Of course, sometimes a dispute over complicated terms in the commercial lease is inevitable. Moreover, commercial lease disputes can involve legal technicalities, which is why…[..]

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