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Alimony: What Should I Expect To Pay After A Divorce

When a couple get a divorce and have children, it is somewhat of a foregone conclusion that one of the parties will have to pay child support to the other for the benefit of the children. Moreover, the law establishes certain factors and provides a specific formula for calculating child support payments. However, when it…[..]

New Jersey Children’s Bill of Rights Protects Children of Separation and Divorce

Divorce is an emotional and complicated situation for most couples. If you are a parent, divorce will not only be emotionally difficult and complicated for you, but for your children as well. In New Jersey, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts have adopted a set of guidelines, which, although not enforceable law, are frequently…[..]

China’s Shocking New Divorce Exam Policy

Deciding to obtain a divorce from a long-term partner is usually a well thought out decision an individual has made for themselves. New Jersey’s modern-day courts make the process of divorce less painful by not forcing a reconciliation between parties that both desire a legal separation. New Jersey Shocked Over China’s New Divorce Policy Couples…[..]

Prevent Divorce from Destroying your Child’s Future College Fund

Planning for your child’s future higher education needs is usually a top priority for parents, but going through the life-changing process of divorce can throw a wrench into many parent’s plans. The process of divorce can become much more costly than expected when former spouses can’t agree on certain issues, property rights or custody questions.…[..]

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