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Zen and the Art of a Child Centered-Divorce. A “child-centered” divorce requires, first and foremost, empathy by, for, and between the divorcing parents. Empathy is not pity for the other parent or one parent’s “willingness” to help the other parent because that parent perceives themselves to be a more effective parent than the other parent.…[..]

Can I Get Alimony in My New Jersey Divorce?

Overview: Alimony Many spouses wonder how they will divide their assets if and when they divorce. There are many assets to consider including real estate property, savings accounts, and even child custody. Alimony is also a question as spouses wonder if the life sacrifices they made will be compensated when they are no longer with…[..]

How to Enforce Court Orders in Divorce

Overview: Divorce and Court Orders Divorce cases can get very messy with each spouse fighting over their shared assets together. Most divorce disagreements are solved in court. However, even when the judge has ordered one or both spouses to do something, one partner might refuse to carry out the ordered actions. Fortunately, there are ways…[..]

Top Tips for Managing Your Expectations During a Divorce in New Jersey

Filing for Divorce in New Jersey When couples go through a divorce, they tend to want to the process to be over and done with as fast as possible. And, when it comes to dividing the marital assets and settling ancillary issues to divorces like setting child custody schedules and determining alimony and child support…[..]

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