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How The New Changes To The Tax Code Will Affect Your Divorce

In 2017, Congress passed and the President signed into law The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This Act created new tax code provisions, which have made more than a few changes to the way Americans file their annual income taxes. Some of these changes, went into effect in the 2018 tax year, like the revamped…[..]

Why ‘Birdnesting’ Has Become Popular for Divorcing Couples in Medford, NJ

‘Birdnesting’ has become a widely popular method for divorcing couples with children to keep their kids in a good spot in life. The main idea behind this type of nesting is for the parents to continue to live with the children in the family home, but under different circumstances. The parents rent an apartment or…[..]

Did You Know Divorce Could Hurt Your Retirement in Cherry Hill, NJ?

Divorce is a word that no one wants to hear their spouse utter even if you know the marriage is not headed in the right direction. Once a couple decides that it’s time to end the marriage both should begin preparing for what’s to come. This will be a scary, stressful time for both of…[..]

Why Divorce Rates Are Falling In The United States

In a recent paper authored by sociologist Philip Cohen from the University of Maryland, it was proven that, between 2008 and 2016, divorce rates have fallen in the United States by approximately 18 percent. This finding is truly fascinating as predictions prior to 2008 hypothesized that the divorce rates would continue to rise in the…[..]

Keep The House Or Sell The House During Or After A Divorce?

Divorce can be a major stressor for many unhappy married couples for a multitude of different reasons. However, one of the biggest reasons divorces can be stressful is because the married couple will now have to undergo what is called “equitable distribution” of all the assets they jointly own. This includes the home they jointly…[..]

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